Fuel Efficient 125 CC Bikes

People generally favor cost-friendly and fuel efficient bikes or over high-end bikes with complete power. And this very reason makes the 125 cc bikes highly famous because these bikes are stylish, affordable, fuel friendly and extend power packed as well. Some of the most famous 125 cc bikes providing high mileage are listed here. Anyway, it should be noted that real mileage will depend on how you ride, pillion weight, tire pressure, maintenance, weather, and road conditions.

The CBF 125 or semi-faired Stunner produced by Honda Motorcycle is an excellent bike. The stunner has 124.7 cc air cooled, one cylinder unit under the hood and four strokes. It generates eleven bhp of power eight thousand rpm and peak torque of eleven Nm at five thousand rpm. This self-begin bike yields on full mileage of 61 kmpl.

The 125 ST is another amazing bike. The engine is air cooled, four valve, 124, 6 cc, double spark machine that provides highest power of 12.82 bhp and top torque of 10.78 NM. The top speed of the bike is 105 kmph and 65 kmpl is the fuel economy figure point.

The lgnitor, which was produced by Hero MotoCorp, competes excellent with the Honda Stunner; it is much related to the former and has a same 124.7 cc, 4 strokes, air cooled one cylinder unit which produces a highest power of 11 bhp at eight thousand rpm and a punching torque of eleven Nm at five thousand rpm. Mileage delivered is approximately 45-55 kmpl within city limits and approximately 55-60 kmp during the highway drive. The ride standard is simply wonderful.

The masculine Suzuki Slingshot Drum is a relaxing bike. It runs on 4 stroke, air cooled, one cylinder, SOHC engine, generating highest power of 8.05 bhp and torque of ten NM. The engine mated to a five speed transmission yields a mileage of around sixty nine kmpl. The ride standard and diver ability is also amazing.

The SS 125 or Yamaha Gladiator is a chill sports bike which promises best performance and fuel efficiency. The SOHC 124 cc generates power and torque of 8.5 bhp and ten NM respectively. The tested full mileage figures stand at fifty nine kmpl.

Changing parts inside the bike engine and improving parts that will better the power of the vehicle. They would most likely install a bore up kit, install better shock absorbers, change the oil with their own mixture, install an air filter and change the carburetor. These are considered as big upgrades.

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