Essential Gear to Stay Safe on Your Bike


There are some very important things that you cannot do without, while you are riding a motorbike. A helmet is very important and is a must in motorcycling. Most riders don’t want to wear helmet for the reason that they feel painful and they think that they look weird. But you will look ugly if you have had a disaster on the street and were lying in a hospital, your head bandaged.

Helmet and jacket

Buy a helmet that fits perfect. With best material and helmet designing, helmets today are a producer’s wonder. The powerful material used not just provides protection to the head but also makes you look chill. There are different kinds of helmets accessible, the flip-up, the full-face and the open-face, all having their disadvantages and advantages depending on how you ride. A best pair of pants, boots, and a jacket is a must. You head alone is prone to dangerous while you are riding.  A leather jacket can be hot and humid, so look for a jacket that is produced from material that provides best ventilation and is stylishly designed. Jackets are not just made from thick leather; they are made out of different stuffs. The fit of jacket is very vital, to make sure agility to maneuver the bike.

Leather pants

Biker Leather pants can sometimes be uncomfortable, tight, and irritable. But bear in mind that on a bike, pants are a very important gear. Safety is important but comfort cannot be rejected especially for long distance rides. Wicking mesh keep the rider dry on warm days. Kevlar Keprotec is best to save the inner thighs and groin area. Waterproofing will be beneficial during the rains.


Don’t forget the biker boots. It is so vital that you have a best pair when you are riding. You have to take care of your ankles and feet, so while riding motorbike you should not wear flip flops or running shoes or any other type of dress shoes. There is a big choice you get in boots when matched to other motorcycle accessories.

When it comes to bike boots, the general black leather, old-fashioned ones that have rubber soles are a best choice. Things have replaced since Brando look in the classic biker film based on a real story that was named “The Wild One”. The general black boots work, but are not extremely comfortable, nor are they are extremely protective.

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